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In My Ancestors' Dreams 

Inspiration. Empowerment. Culture.

The "In My Ancestors' Dreams" blog was founded in 2017 by Stefan Weathers Sr. It was originally envisioned as a blog that afforded him the opportunity to regularly engage with his first love - writing. The writing was intended to use his young, Black, Christian, socio-politically radical, and Afrocentric perspective to encourage, build up, and cause action toward societal transformation on the part of readers and supporters. This vision would soon be expanded as the overall scope of  the website was expanded to include sermons, inspirational clips, devotionals (video and written), and poetry provided by Stefan.

This site is a platform focused on inspiration, empowerment, and culture specifically of the African Diaspora. Our Ancestors were capable of so much, but in their lifetimes’ they were not free to be all they could be. They were reduced to enslaved persons or, later on, because of the society they lived in were reduced to vicious stereotypes, Jim and Jane Crow, and a government committed or indifferent to their belittlement and oppression. They couldn’t conceive for themselves what we can now... what we are now! They could literally only dream about their descendants truly being free, not just from physical bondage, but free to be who they are in all ways.

We are all a product of our ancestors’ dreams. Each of us have accomplished what they could only imagine. We must continue to uplift and educate our communities so that we can move forward and realize even greater for our descendants and world!

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