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BAF Podcast Feature: Navigating Racial Prejudice As A Black Man in America (w/ Rev. Stefan Weathers)

What's up Fam!

This is not your traditional blog post or devotional. The purpose of this post is to provide you with the most recent podcast episode from one of our contributors, Nkiruka Obi-Ejezie (African Minded Woman). Her podcast is entitled Conversations from the Diaspora with Love and can be found on all your favorite podcast platforms! The most recent episode, "On Navigating Racial Prejudice as a Black Man," featured yours truly.

In it we discuss:

My experiences living as a black man in America from the first police encounter I had as a teenager coming home from school, to the legacy of policing and slavery, the need for reallocating police funds, the importance of having representation in the classroom, in positions of leadership, and elsewhere, and what that means for young black and brown children, and the differences in perspective I had growing up in what is called the New South to now living and raising a young family in the Urban North...

Check it out!

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